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                        BQJ series CNC No card cutting
                        CNC spindle-less veneer lathe
                        BZJQ series of automatic venee
                        BY21 series Frame type thermal
                        BY21 series Frame type preload
                        BPB(Y)Automatic plate line ply
                        BZJ(S)Automatic vertical plywo
                        Debarking of logs for circular
                        YGZ series veneer dryer
                        BYJ1400/40 hydraulic shear
                        Bilateral hot press
                        Side filling machine
                        Four roller gluing machine
                        Wood machine
                        cutter grinder
                        A card shaft rotary cutting ma
                        Transverse cutting machine
                        Freely saw edge machine series
                        Glue barrel
                        Hydraulic lift machine series

                            Fujian Sanming Sanwei Machinery Co.Ltd,was built in 2000.The company Produces synthetic plate machinery equipments especially such as numerical Control spindle less veneer lathe and plywood hot press.In recent years the company has enforced the inner management,it has continue to promote the Developments of technology and of new products,has developed numerical control spindle less veneer lathe,and gained national patent(No:200420053556.9)......

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